About Neos Marmaras





Neos Marmaras is a coastal town of Sithonia, the middle peninsula of Chalkidiki, located 125 Kilometers from Thessaloniki - Greece's

second largest city. Situated amphitheatrically on a three-hill mountain cluster known as the Dragontelis of Itamos it is the largest mountain region of Sithonia with peak altitudes of 811 meters. Here, northern precipitation in conjunction with the beautiful blue sea and luscious green mountainsides give one the impression of being on an idyllic Greek island.

Neos Marmaras was founded after the Turkish uprootment of 1922 by refugees who originated from the island of Marmaras in the Propondithas region of Asia Minor. Up until 1967 many residents from the neighboring town of Parthenona had established themselves in Neos Marmaras. In 1970 when the community of Parthenona was abolished the town was eventually abandoned and the residents were naturalized as residents of Neos Marmaras. With both personal industry and great economic support from their Greek-American compatriots these refugees of Marmaras completed construction efforts ranging from the town's school to the Great Archangel Church founded in 1937.

The first regular means of transport with Thessaloniki was conducted in the spring of 1946 by sea. In the spring of 1952 roadwork stretching from Marmara to Nikiti was completed and Neos Marmaras acquired road access to the rest of Chalkidiki and Thessaloniki. In 1959 municipality approval was granted and in 1961 first signed. At that time Neos Marmaras had 1.200 residents.

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